So this isn't the first version of Admin Chill. I originally started Admin Chill on in the mid 10's. This was before Tapatalk decided to start buying out most of the free forum hosts online. I had a few active members, and even Chris, an admin on (and now Tapatalk) really liked my forum. Well then, of course Tapatalk came along and took over Freeforums. Tapatalk has many limitations, even more than did. You couldn't edit the css without paying for the service. This was a major disappointment and so I decided to start from scratch. I originally chose Jcink, then thought about moving to Proboards (in which I think I deleted the Proboards version before I did anything with it...) and eventually over time I lost interest unfortunately. Well that is, until now! Here is the new and improved Admin Chill! Yeah it's not on free hosting anymore, and the software wasn't free either, but I wanted to revive the project and put some money into it as well. I think this is a better platform for AC to thrive in. I hope you enjoyed my history lesson! If you want to check out the tapatalk version of the site, here's the link: