I've mentioned in the "Free vs. Paid" hosting thread that I'm currently using Namecheap hosting for this site. I'd figure I would give my opinion on their Stellar Shared Hosting, since that's the service I'm using. Overall, Namecheap provides great hosting with some extra perks added. Since they are primarily a domain registrar, you get up to 30 free SSL certificates for each domain you have with their hosting account! With their stellar hosting, you can only have up to two add on domains, but if I needed more I could upgrade. I think just having two add on domains is perfect for myself, I don't need to add anymore. This might be a deal breaker for some, since other hosting companies allow you to have up to five add on domains. You can also have up to 5 MySQL Databases, which is more than enough for my needs. I've never had any downtime with either of my sites, the only issue I ran into was a SSL Certificate issue with this domain actually. However, it eventually was resolved within a few hours. (Though the issues probably came about due to the fact that I tried using one of my purchased SSL certificates while setting up the forum on free hosting... :V) If you're in need of cheap hosting, go with Namecheap!