Along with the forum rules, we have a set of guidelines that all members must follow while participating in this section. These guidelines might change at a later date, so please keep an eye out on any changes.

1. All members must keep their end of the bargain. If you do not keep your part of the deal, you may be suspended from using this section. If the problem persists, you might be banned from the forum all together.

2. Only one topic per website please. If you have multiple websites you wish to have other members engage with, please make a separate topic for each of them.

3. Please mark your topic with a post icon indicating if it's open or closed. For opened topics, use the "thumbs up" icon to show people that your topic is active and open. For closed exchanges, please use the "thumbs down" icon to indicate that the topic is no longer needed. This will help our staff keep this section clean.

4. Be clear in your instructions when requesting exchanges. For example, if you were wanting post exchanges done with your forum, you should add "Post Exchanges" in the topic title.

Happy exchanging everyone, and stay chill!